Working with Children with Disabilities, and Their Families

Since January 2018 the work we started with children and young people with disabilities has blossomed.

The families meet together regularly at the church in Bombo and the children spend time playing whilst the parents catch up. They all enjoy a typical Ugandan meal of matoke, beans and rice at lunchtime and then stay until they want to return home. Most are in no hurry to leave as they find a warm welcome and support here and so they can relax a little.

We provide transport for those who need it and through a recent grant from SJP we have been able to get some more equipment including some ride on toys and large floor mats. Work has started on a community centre which is being built on the land where the Stepping Stones housing project is located.

This centre will enable the group to meet more regularly. Hopefully through some of the contacts we are making we would like to provide other services like physiotherapy and nutrition advice. Two children from the group attend Way of Salvation school and John was amazed by what Victoria was able to do. Her cheeky smile says it all!

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