Our Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship works

CRMI’s child sponsorship programme ‘Children of Hope’ has been running since 2006.

We believe we are unique in that we don’t just support a child through primary school, but aim to help them reach their full potential, whatever and wherever that might be. We now have young people training as teachers, engineers, hair dressers, tailors and mechanics and some who have graduated and are working in their chosen profession.

Sponsorship for primary school costs £28 per month and provides a child with education and a hot meal every day at school. Secondary education and college costs vary.

We ensure that at least 80% of your sponsorship goes directly to providing for your child. In addition to the benefits of being in school our sponsored children and their families also receive regular health checks and support in times of difficulty.

The sponsorship process

We have a number of children who have been identified by our team in Uganda or by the local church or village chief. These children are photographed and profiled by the team who also visit the family’s home to assess their needs. We try to gather as much information as we can about each child and their family. However this is not always easy as written records are not necessarily kept in the same way as in the UK. Details like birthdays are sometimes not remembered accurately and the spelling of names can also vary.

Frequently, children are being looked after by grandparents or other relatives so the details about the parents or siblings may not be clear cut: for example words like ‘mother’ are used loosely to describe the female person in the role of caring for the child not necessarily the birth mother.

Where possible and appropriate we place all newly sponsored children in one of our own schools in Bombo or Nakaseke. Our schools monitor the health of the children and their families. In addition we provide support through the local clinics, hospitals and the visiting UK medical mission which takes place each year in January. We also hold an annual Christmas party to which all the children are invited.

Becoming a sponsor

When you decide to become a sponsor you will receive a photo and information about your child. You will also receive details about how to set up a standing order with your bank, enabling payments to be made regularly each month. We include a gift aid form to allow us to claim the tax back on your donation if you are a UK tax payer. This is used to the benefit of all the children.

Once payment has been set up and the office has received your paperwork, your child will start school. During our visits to Uganda we frequently have the opportunity to take photos or even make a short video of your child and/or their guardian with a message in it for you.  At that time there is also the opportunity for you to send a gift for your child. You will be able to support your child in a variety of additional ways, such as helping with the cost of their school uniform, shoes and school requirements.

We encourage sponsors to write to their child through the charity and it is possible to send small gifts out with our teams if you wish to do so. The children will be encouraged to write to their sponsors twice a year and we will take annual photos of the children and provide reports on each child’s progress.

To become a sponsor, please email Ginny Tracy at ginny@childrenofhope.org.uk or call her at 07585008749.

Celebrating our sponsors

2020 was the fifth annual trip for Highfield School, Harrogate. A team of six year 6 pupils and parents plus two staff visited the school in Bombo for a week in early February. During their packed itinerary they taught small groups, helped with the disability support group, held a local school maths teachers’ training afternoon, played endless games with the children and visited the homes of their sponsored families. One of the mums on the trip describes her experience:

“Being with the families that we help, touching the ground where they live, experiencing the struggles of their daily lives and the massive sense of community – all of this was part of a deeply personal experience for Will and I when we visited Uganda. It had a huge impact on how we think about giving back, and also about the priorities in our own life. There was sadness but also a great deal of joy – and we have a new perspective on our own lives that we wouldn’t have had without being part of the trip to Uganda. The connections we made and the experiences we had are a permanent part of us now. The families that we sponsor are so much more than just a monthly donation and a number – they are part of our family and we are a part of theirs. This is a long term relationship that we look forward to continuing.”

Partner With Us to Build a Better Future

Over the past 10 years the charity has grown greatly and we continue to identify many needs in the communities where we are working. We rely on, and are immensely grateful for all the financial and other support we receive from many friends and supporters in the UK.

Whatever help you can give will benefit some of the poorest communities in Uganda. As a partner, with you permission, we will add you to our mailing list so that we can keep you informed about the work of the charity and how your support has helped.

General partners provide funds which can be used for any purpose. This could be anything from pencils for school to food for a family. The need may change from month to month or fill a gap for a family in need for a longer period of time.

There are two other partner type too. Click on the relevant link to find out more.