Women’s Health

Our first big initiative was to provide washable sanitary wear kits made in the UK by groups of ladies under the Days for Girls project (see www.daysforgirls.org). This has been enormously successful and we have given out over 400 kits and along side this we have been able to get groups of girls and young women together to talk about their bodies, family planning and answer their questions.

Days for Girls now have an online course to become an ambassador for women’s health and we hope that we can train up some of the Ugandan team to deliver this information to their communities in the future.

This year, with the help of Dr Alison, Sarah Bunjo and Robert’s wife Naomi, we ran women’s health talks in each of the areas where the charity works. The response was incredible and there were so many questions! Dr Alison was able to dispel some of the myths about certain types of contraception and explain the workings of the female body with the help of an illustrated pair of large white knickers! We hope to continue to develop this work on our next medical mission as there is clearly a great need and a hunger for knowledge.

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