Way of Salvation Primary School

The second phase of Bombo school was freshly painted and ready for the start of the new school year in February. The classrooms looked very smart with their new brightly coloured desks and chairs and the pupils and teachers were enjoying the space after having to work in the subdivided school hall last year.

The new block provides an additional five spacious classrooms and will be the primary wing of the school. At present four rooms are used as classrooms and the fifth room is a resource centre and staff room. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible.

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The hall has also been repainted and is now used for dance, drama, assemblies and lunch.

Next year we hope to complete the remaining classrooms needed to take the current school population through to Primary 7. This final phase will also require the building of dormitories as it is a standard expectation at P6 and P7 for the children to board during term time.

Here are a few images showing the first intake of children, the classrooms and the outside area.

This photo shows one of the first classes. The classroom might look a bit bare, but compared with the normal primary school which has a dirt floor and roughly hewn benches – it is positively luxurious!

Meet Our Headteacher, Olivia!

Olivia joined the school in 2016 to lead the existing teaching team of Flavia (Baby Class), Clare (Middle Class), and Justine (P1). Since then the number of teachers has doubled and they are doing a fantastic job.

The staff have really appreciated meeting with teachers from the UK to talk about curriculum and exchange ideas. This was especially evident when Highfield school led a teacher training Maths workshop for all the local primary schools in February this year. We hope to make these type of events a regular part of our school programme.