General Mission 2009

One of the jobs we had to do while we were there in February was to go and see the families of newly sponsored children. In the photograph Jane is speaking with one such family in Bukukku with the aid of a local Pastor to interpret. Words cannot express the happiness and gratitude that these people express when they find that one of their children has been sponsored.

Timunah Feb 2009

While Jane and Malcolm were there, the long overdue Christmas Party was held and all the sponsored children were invited.

They played party games (unheard of in Uganda), ate enormous servings of food, drank soda and ate sweets!. Each child received a present, dolls for the girls and toy cars for the boys.

Party Feb 2009

Each child also received a “Children of Hope” T-Shirt.

Thank you to all those who contributed towards the cost.

Prize Giving

During the party the following children were awarded prizes:
UG-183 Kayima Timothy – First in his class (Primary 4)
UG-194 Balijuka Sudati – First in her class (Primary 1)
UG-25 & UG-26 Joseph & Sadam Muboogi – 100% attendance
UG-07 Aisha Babirye – helping & looking after an autistic girl

Well done to all of them!

Party Feb 2009