Sponsorship works!

Yes! sponsorship works! These are some of our “children”, well they were children 10 years ago, together with John Bunjo, head of CRMI (third from left)

• Acklam has qualified as a ladies and gents hairdresser.
• Lawrence completed high school and has now also finished a diploma course in hotel management.
• Kinalwa found that high school was too much for him and he is now training to be a mechanic.
• Scovia has qualified as a hairdresser and, with help from Children of Hope, now has her own business.
• Mary is halfway through a course in tailoring.

We have others training to be electrical engineers, mobile phone repairers, plumbers, and one who has just completed a course in education at Makerere University.

Please contact us if you would like to know how you can sponsor a child, and change their life forever.