We are an integral part of Christian Restoration Ministries International. Our aim is to find sponsors in the west for orphaned and destitute children in Uganda, to provide them with an education, health care and vocational training.

Education is the key

Education is one of the most important factors that will break the circle of despair that many Ugandans are in. With education people can understand how to control pests that destroy crops, understand the causes and prevention of AIDS, get better jobs and become the future leaders in their country.

In Uganda, like in England 100 years ago, education is not free; parents and guardians have to find upwards of 60,000 Ugandan Shillings (about £30) per term to send their children to school. This may not sound like much but if the parents/guardians have little or no money (there is no social security or government handouts here) then it is impossible. Private schools in Uganda do exist but the termly fees of at least five times that of the government run schools mean that this education is only for the children of well to do families.

Our Schools

Our school at Bombo, (shown at the top of the page) opened in February 2015 and now provides an education for over 160 children from destitute local families. We have just, through fundraising and the generosity of individual sponsors, added a new block of five classrooms to school to allow the children to progress. This block was completed in February 2018.

Our latest school, Great Hope,  at Timuna, Nakaseke has 90 children, currently being taught in makeshift classrooms around the church while the school is built. The new building (shown above) opened in February 2018.


Sponsorship costs £20 per month and this will provide your child with a quality education at a selected school, nutritious food and health care. For more details please contact us as below.

By the end of 2017 we had managed to find sponsors for well over 300 children. All these children have been enrolled in schools that will give the best possible education. Half of these are being educated at our school at Bombo.

Sponsorship works!

Yes! sponsorship works! These are some of our “children”, well they were children 10 years ago, together with John Bunjo, head of CRMI (third from left)

• Acklam has qualified as a ladies and gents hairdresser.
• Lawrence completed high school and has now also finished a diploma course in hotel management.
• Kinalwa found that high school was too much for him and he is now training to be a mechanic.
• Scovia has qualified as a hairdresser and, with help from Children of Hope, now has her own business.
• Mary is halfway through a course in tailoring.

We have others training to be electrical engineers, mobile phone repairers, plumbers, and one who has just completed a course in education at Makerere University.

Please contact us if you would like to know how you can sponsor a child, and change their life forever.