Meet Ivan

Ivan was found living in a single roomed shelter he had built for his wife and 4 children, after their home collapsed in December 2015. Three years ago Ivan suffered from a stroke, but despite his disability, he does everything he can to provide for his family.

His story touched the hearts of the followers of our medical mission and as a result, Children of Hope has been able to purchase an acre of land, on which we have built a home for Ivan and his family. The extra land has been used to provide two more houses, and a community centre is being built this year.

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Our Recent Projects

The charity has grown greatly in recent years as we have responded to the needs in the community we see for ourselves and hear about from the team in Uganda. Our work develops year on year and regularly takes us into new areas. We will only get involved in a project if we believe we can deliver it successfully and sustainably, and we rely enormously on the skill and dedication of the CRMI team on the ground in Uganda.

Enterprise General Mission


General Mission
In the past couple of years, we have been involved with helping local Ugandans start successful hairdressing salon and tailoring businesses.
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Partnering Days for Girls Medical Mission

Partnering Days for Girls

Medical Mission
As a small charity we often have to seek partners to help with the work we’d like to undertake.
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Working with Children with Disabilities, and Their Families Disabilities

Working with Children with Disabilities, and Their Families

Since January the work we started with children and young people with disabilities has blossomed.
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Stepping Stones Housing Project – Bombo Social Housing

Stepping Stones Housing Project – Bombo

Social Housing
There is now a second house on the land where Ivan and his family are living and construction is beginning on a third house this month. These homes have recently been fitted with solar lighting and are the talk of the town!
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Women’s Health Medical Mission

Women’s Health

Medical Mission
Over the years we have been aware of a number of health issues to do with women’s health in particular and we have tried to address these in a number of different ways.
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Teachers Homes at Great Hope Social Housing

Teachers Homes at Great Hope

Social Housing
Most teachers in Uganda live away from their homes during term time and they therefore require accommodation.
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Latest News

You’ll find here news of the latest developments in the life of the charity. Things are always happening, whether its news from our Ugandan team on projects we’re working on together, new fundraising initiatives, or updates on sponsored children.

CRMI Children of Hope 10th Anniversary Party

2 Min Read

At the end of September we celebrated the first 10 years of CRMI Children of Hope as a UK Charity. The venue was The Message Trust in Manchester – The Message has been a great…

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CRMI Scafell Pike Fundraising Walk

1 Min Read

We are constantly amazed by the skills, time and sheer hard work many individuals and groups put into raising funds for the many different projects the charity is involved with in Uganda. On September 18th…

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Fundraising in 2018

1 Min Read

We have been amazed by the skills, time, training and hard work that many individuals and groups have put in to raising funds for the many different projects that the charity supports in Uganda. This year…

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Working with Maria from Mild May

1 Min Read

We all appreciate that good nutrition is at the heart of good health. There have been massive improvements in the health of the children in our sponsorship programme simple because they get a good meal at school everyday….

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Sponsorship costs £25 per month and this will provide your child with a quality education at a selected school, nutritious food and health care.

By the end of 2017, we had managed to find sponsors for well over 300 children. All these children have been enrolled in schools that will give the best possible education. Half of these are being educated at our school at Bombo.

For more details please contact us as below.

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