Recent Travels to Uganda

On Saturday, March 19th, Juliet and Ginny returned from a very productive and rewarding trip to Uganda.

Ginny spent three weeks working in the field with our Ugandan field co-ordinators, Jojoe and Robert. Our goal was to visit the homes of the sponsored children to update our records as far as the living situation of the children. We wanted to know who they are living with, what their sleeping situation was, what kind of toilets they were using, what their kitchen was like, and if they had been a part of the Hope Development Project, how they were maintaining their homes and animals.

Juliet spend two weeks meeting with our Ugandan team to work on the School Improvement Policy, medical updates, strategy plan and policies. She also collected reports and letters.

We also met with John and Sarah Bunjo, Sylvia, Tom, Robert and Jojoe to look at ongoing and upcoming projects, budgets and priorities

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