Medical Mission 2017

In January a team of 19 travelled to Uganda to continue their medical work amongst the sponsored children, their families and the surrounding community. Doctors Simon Kaye and Mike Wong lead a team of 5 nurses: Sarah Clarke, Sarah Gorst, Kathy Haughton, Meg Disberry and Marilyn Midgley.

They were supported by a team of organisers, teachers, musicians and an evangelist. Margaret Calvert, Ali Fairclough, Juliet and Annie Burd, Andrew Bernard and Ruby Seger-Bernard, Julia Wilson, Peter Gregson, Adam Kaye, George Townsend, Pauline Kaye and Brian Porter. They were in Uganda for 2 weeks during which time they held outreach clinics for the communities of Bombo, Nakaseke and Sanga and to see as many of the sponsored children and family members/guardians as possible.

There were house visits for those unable to come to the clinics and the team’s teachers worked with the teachers at schools in Nakaseke and Bombo to support and encourage them, especially in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

Since we met up with the sisters at St Luke’s in January 2016, the connection with the health centre has progressed and they are now doing termly health checks and HIV testing clinics as appropriate at Bombo school. They also provide check-ups on certain Saturdays for the older children from around Bombo to attend.

We have been able to commence regular health checks at Nakaseke as well, supported by Kiwoko Hospital. It has been wonderful to know that there is access to such caring facilities where those who have chronic illness can be given the correct treatment. On our next medical trip we hope to further our connection with St Luke’s as our nurses and doctors will share their knowledge with the staff at the centre and of course learn from them.