Medical Mission 2016

In January the team set off for Uganda again. This year’s medical team comprised of just 6 people. They knew from the outset that there was no way that they could see the numbers of people as in previous years, but nevertheless they knew that it would be a special time. They felt that their task this year was to show a depth of love and care that, because of sheer numbers, had not been possible on previous trips.

They were fortunate to have the skills of Ehud (a paediatric physiotherapy assistant) who, with the help of the rest of the team, was able to find and assist many disabled and therefore seriously disadvantaged children and adults.

Visits were also made to sick and mentally ill patients who were too weak or unwell to come to a clinic, particularly those suffering from AIDS-related illnesses.

As a charity we are always keen to try to establish good connections within the local community; on this trip the team were able to further our work with the local hospital in Kiwoko, and with St.Luke’s Hospital in Bombo, as well as with the Ugandan District Health Office.

The medical team with the Sisters from St. Luke’s Hospital, Bombo


Our patients are very grateful for the care they receive, and although we never expect any payment, occasionally we receive gifts of unusual sorts! Our highest paid volunteers to date are Sarah and Ehud, who were given a live chicken for helping baby William and his mother, learn exercises that will help him develop muscle control. We are grateful to Loyne Specialist School in Lancaster for their donation of physiotherapy equipment.

The team found a man, Ivan living in a single roomed shelter he had built for his wife and 4 children, after their home collapsed in December 2015. Three years ago Ivan suffered from a stroke, but despite his disability, he does everything he can to provide for his family. His story touched the hearts of the followers of our medical mission blog and as a result, Children of Hope has been able to purchase an acre of land, on which we plan to build a home for Ivan and his family. We hope to use the extra land to help other families and possibly build a community facility for mothers and babies.