Fundraising for Bunk Beds in Bombo

After visiting Uganda in March 2022, we realised there was a real need for beds for the children. 

Imagine 3 children sleeping on the dirt floor on a scrap of foam no bigger than a coffee table. With no sheets, blankets or mosquito nets, not only are the children not able to sleep well, but they are also prone to disease such as malaria.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep on education are numerous. Increased focus, concentration, memory, creativity, decision making, emotional stability, just to name a few.

We are asking school children to sell their unwanted toys, games, clothing or other items. This promote sustainability as these toys and games will still have a lot of life left in them!  We often take our possessions for granted, but even a game sold for £5 can make a huge difference!

Our goal is to raise enough money for the children of CRMI Children of Hope to have bunk beds with mattresses, blankets, sheets and mosquito nets.

Every donation helps, no matter the size. Thank you for supporting the children of CRMI Children of Hope!

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