Conquering Kilimanjaro to Train CRMI Children of Hope Students as Nurses or Doctors

Simon Kaye – one of our trustees – and his wife, Pauline, will be travelling to Tanzania in September to attempt to climb Kilimanjaro via its Northern Circuit to raise funds for Children of Hope.

Simon has been a GP for 34 years and lead our medical work for 12 years . He says that he was able to benefit from the privilege of a free university education and so he now wants to give something back to say thank you.

In Uganda there is a desperate need for more health professionals – they have only 17 doctors per 100,000 people – WHO recommends a minimum 100 per 100,000 and in the UK we have 280 per 100,000. (and you still can’t get an appointment to see your GP!!!)

Simon and Pauline hope to establish a small trust fund as part of Children of Hope to be able to fund the further training of some of our sponsored children who want to become healthcare professionals.

They aim to raise £10,000  – and that’s enough to fully train 2 doctors or 3 nurses in Uganda ( it costs just £1000 per year for medical education in Uganda.)

As they toil their way up (hopefully all the way!) to the 19,341 ft  5895m  summit, please help and inspire them by supporting them via –

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