CRMI Children of Hope launches small business catalyst scheme

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to the generosity of grants from 2 organisations, we have been able to employ Damalie Bisaso to work with about 25 individuals and families we know well in Bombo and Nakaseke. The aim is to help these individuals develop essential skills and confidence to build successful and sustainable small businesses. These individuals currently have no income and no way of exiting poverty.

Some are young people with great ideas who just need some people, some are parents of sponsored children at the schools. Most of them are families and individuals who our charity supports through additional food packages and financial support. The objective of the project is to help this group of individuals and families to become financially self supporting.

Damalie is able to help them in the following areas:

  • Goat, chicken and pig farming – developing financial/budgeting/selling skills
  • Life skills and personal care
  • Follow up household visits to hold individuals to account in a positive way
  • Help people set up small shops and hairdressing salons and provide assistance with buying and selling supplies, profit margins and pricing

This is a big and exciting new step forward for the charity. Please get in touch if you would like to help with this project – we are still looking for funding to help these individuals buy pigs, goats and chickens.

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