Update on Medical Mission 2019

Most of the team have now returned from this year’s Medical Mission, although 6 team members of the team are still in Uganda for another week doing home visits and work in the school, and Juliet will be there for a further week when parents, students and teachers from Highfield School in Harrogate make their annual visit.

This year’s Mission was as busy as ever. The heat was intense this year, not just for us but for the Ugandans as well.

We ran open clinics and follow up days in Bombo, Ssanga and Nakaseke.

A growing, and important, part of our work on these Missions is the running of workshops and we ran well attended, and well received, sessions on Mental Health and Women’s Health in each place as well as facilitating a disability group in Bombo.

As always, we were able to test patients for malaria, HIV and other conditions.

On our team this year we had doctors, a psychiatrist, nurses and others involved in the management and administration of the clinics.

At the end of each year’s Mission members of the team transfer the handwritten clinic notes onto our database so that we can track the progress of patients and have clinic notes ready for next year’s Mission.

We met some patients who will need continuing care and treatment and will be working out the best way to support these patients.

Thank you to everyone who helped the team in prayer, finance and in many practical ways.

Thank you to Abbot Alere for again so generously donating HIV/Malaria and Syphillis test kits.

Thank you also to International Health Partners for supplying so much of our medication.

And finally a huge thanks to our friends in Uganda who drove us around, made things happen and interpreted for us – we would be lost (literally) without them.

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