Tower to Tower fundraising walk – November 18th

Photo above courtesy of Photo Everywhere

Simon Murray, together with friends and colleagues are raising funds to send a container of recycled clothes, shoes and disability aids to Uganda to help the CRMI community.

They are walking approximately 9.2 miles from the iconic Blackpool Tower to O’Smithers Pub’s very own Blackpool Tower replica shown above. O’Smithers won the Cuprinol ‘Pub and Entertainment Shed of the Year’ Award for 2018.

Any funds raised up to £1000 will be generously DOUBLE MATCHED by the Matthew Good Foundation ( which is run for staff members of John Good shipping.

To donate to the walk please visit Simon’s JustGiving page

Thanks to the many people who have donated shoes and clothes, and to the army of people who have sorted, cleaned and bagged them ready for transit to Uganda where they will be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks also to Sarah Clarke, Chris Allen and Doug Smith for all their enthusiasm and energy and of course to Simon and his friends for undertaking the walk – please support them if you can.

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