Working with Maria from Mild May

We all appreciate that good nutrition is at the heart of good health. There have been massive improvements in the health of the children in our sponsorship programme simple because they get a good meal at school everyday. We have also seen that for some families, especially single parents or families with disabilities, that the charity needs to supply food parcels to ensure a basic level of nutrition.

The number of patients coming to clinics with mild to severe malnutrition has been a worry for some time so when the opportunity arose to work with Maria, a nutrition specialist from Mild May clinic in Entebbe, we were delighted. In July Maria joined our team for a day. She visited each of the locations where the charity works and talked with children, young mothers, teachers and school cooks. She hopes to increase knowledge and provide simple ways to enrich people’s diet.

We hope to participate in the community programmes that Mild May has to offer such as seed packages to grow mini vegetable plots in old tyres or sacks. We have also started gardening projects at the two schools and a pilot project to grow maize and beans to help increase the sustainability of the school food programme. We are look forward to seeing how this work develops in the future.

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