Highfield School 2018

This year was the third annual trip for Highfield school, Harrogate. A team of six year 6 pupils and parents plus two staff visited the school in Bombo for a week in early February. During their packed itinerary they taught small groups, helped with the disability support group, held a local school maths teachers’ training afternoon, played endless games with the children and visited the homes of their sponsored families. One of the mum’s on the trip describes her experience:

“Being with the families that we help, touching the ground where they live, experiencing the struggles of their daily lived and the massive sense of community – all of this was part of a deeply personal experience for Will and I when we visited Uganda. It had a huge impact on how we think about giving back, and also about the priorities in our own life.

There was sadness but also a great deal of joy – and we have a new perspective on our own lives that we wouldn’t have had without being part of the trip to Uganda. The connections we made and the experiences we had are a permanent part of us now.

The families that we sponsor are so much more than just a monthly donation and a number – they are part of our family and we are a part of theirs. This is a long term relationship that we look forward to continuing.”

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