Salvation Way Junior Academy

At last! The school opened in February 2015 and now, 2 years later we have over 100 children, everyone sponsored, being educated here.

It was formerly known as the Salvation Way Primary School, but we were told that until we have all classes available it will have to be known as a Junior Academy.


all is not finished – with every year that goes by we add another grade and therefore another class. We now need to build 3 more classrooms to cope with this expansion.


Here are some photographs of our journey so far…

March 2015
The school is now open with 80 children from local poor families, each one sponsored by someone in England,
and each receiving a quality education and a hot meal each day.
November 2013

We have profiled children from
very poor families in the area
around the school. These will form
the first intake when the school opens.

Could you sponsor
a little one like these, who otherwise
would have no hope of an education… and future?

Juliet & Julianne
They are now sponsored and in
school. Their lives have changed
beyond their wildest dreams.

The well has been dug and

just awaits the pump top
(pump top fitted Jan 2014)


Ceilings fitted

Electric lighting and power
circuits installed in
all the classrooms


The walls are clad and windows

and doors fitted


Over the course of the year

the roof was added


The foundations are in

and the walls are going up

2008 – The start

Bricks arriving

and the storeroom built